Meet the Pixies!

All of our staff are hired and trained to be detail-oriented and deliver excellent customer service. It is important that we create a continuous learning environment as part of our company culture. We have developed a season-long training program for our gardeners. Our lead gardeners have had advanced training and/or experience. Our crew members are “pixies-in-training” and always work under the guidance of a knowledgeable staff member.


Bobbie Beddoes

Creator, Co-Owner

Bachelor of Science – Biology – 1994
Certified Journeyman Landscape Gardener – 2003
Landscape Industry Certified Technician – 2004

Bobbie created Pixie Gardens Inc. in 2003. She brings many years of gardening and horticulture experience to her work. This education and experience is important for making good choices for her clients’ gardens and other horticultural projects.

Bobbie and her team work with our clients’ needs to create an enchanting outdoor environment for them. As each client has different tastes and needs, each garden is approached differently.


Heather Zelensky

Manager – Operations, Co-Owner

Bachelor of Science, Archaeology and Geography
Master Gardener
Permaculture Design Certificate – 2011
Landscape Industry Certified Technician – 2014

During her small-town upbringing, Heather spent many summers alongside her father, a mad scientist and master gardener in his own right. These early interactions cultivated a passion for learning about the natural environment and an endless desire to see the world. Heather has had the great fortune to volunteer her talents locally and overseas on various projects.

She approaches her work with an eye towards sustainablility and enjoys watching her skilled crews grow along with their gardens. Joining the team in 2009, Heather has been able to indulge her spirit for learning while developing her connection to the land.


Alex Phillips

Manager – Field Operations

Bachelor of Science, Earth Science – 2012
Landscape Industry Certified Technician – 2013
Certified Journeyman Landscape Gardener – 2015

Alex has been with Pixie Gardens since 2009, starting as a crew member but soon led a crew of his own. Over the years, he has seen our clients’ gardens evolve and grow. He has appreciated the opportunity to apply his care and creativity in the field. He loves the chance to provide leadership, design and hard work, all while increasing his technical knowledge and skills.


Rachelle Quinn

Manager – Seasonal Containers

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting
Landscape Industry Certified Technician

Coming from a family background of farming and forestry, Rachelle cultivated a love of the outdoors from an early age. Her eye for detail and passion for creation informs her work, art and life. She has been bringing her creativity to the the landscape industry for more than 10 years, and has been with Pixie Gardens since 2015. As Seasonal Container Manager, Rachelle and her team create 4 seasons of stylish and elegant eye-catching containers!