Every one of our clients is unique, as should be their Pixie garden.

The Pixie team works closely with our clients, and we listen intently to ensure we fully understand your goals, needs and preferences for your garden. Using a custom approach for each job, the result is the creation of an enchanting outdoor space, as unique as every Pixie client.


From March until November, the Pixies take care of it all! Our garden maintenance services include:

  • Weeding your garden, and removing the competition for your chosen plants
  • Pruning shrubs and trees to maintain and promote healthy growth
  • Planting and caring for:
    • Annuals; bright and brief yearly choices
    • Perennials and shrubs; longer term garden residents
  • Splitting plants that have outgrown their place
  • Transplanting those that need relocation
  • Testing and amending your soil, for optimal health of all plants in your garden
  • Monitoring the moisture in your beds, to ensure your plants don’t go thirsty




We assess your existing soil and plant conditions and make whatever changes are necessary to get your garden back in order.

We will pull out everything that we physically can, trim up everything that we can’t, then put back the worthy specimens and maybe add a few more! Voila, with a little Pixie Magic, your garden gets a wonderful facelift!

Pink Lupine

We offer containers for all four seasons in Calgary. Whether you are looking for your home, office, restaurant or community, Pixie Gardens can create full and hardy planters to match our weather and climate! If you are interested in getting a quote for your property, please email containers@pixiegardens.ca for more information.



Winter Container